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I’m Jocelyn – an entrepreneur, speaker, worship pastor and youth development expert. Most recently at Bearspaw Christian School in Calgary, AB, I served the Discipleship Coordinator for junior and senior high. During this time, I revitalized the weekly chapel program, raised up a vibrant student leadership team, developed Bible curriculum for junior and high school and executed an immersive experience mirroring the perils of the persecuted church, which attracted attention from youth programs across the country.


But more generally? I’m a former Mennonite girl raised on the Prairies by parents with a strong work ethic and fervent prayer life. I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart and have launched and managed several successful businesses over the years. But, at an early age, I married a sweet and starry-eyed boy who's strong desire to become a pastor has led to 22 years of ministry experience. And so began my journey of ministry, speaking, counseling, mentorship… you get the idea!


Currently, I’m pastoring along side my husband at our local Calgary church. I am blessed that this role allows me to mentor in youth and worship ministry, train leaders in various departments, plan events and conferences, and help set the vision and tone.

I have also have the great honour of developing and leading bible studies, teaching and training worship teams and leaders and speaking in churches and schools. To add to this, I have occasionally serve as a business consultant for other start-up companies – all while raising three lovely daughters!

My heart lives with joy and a passionate pursuit of Jesus. I desire to develop leaders who follow Him with all of their heart, tap into their own unique style and gifting and teach others to do the same. 

Love this girl!
Consultant, Speaker, Writer
and Program Developer 
Jocelyn Freeman, youth consultant
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