I have had the privilege of working alongside Jocelyn for over three years and have observed her in a wide variety of leadership and ministry roles.

Jocelyn has the unique capacity to evaluate an organization, a situation, a group of people, or a problem – and respond with wisdom and clarity. She seems to have the ability to "read" what may be invisible to many. Some would call it intuition, but on many occasions I saw it as a deep sense of spiritual discernment which led to very positive outcomes.


Not only is Jocelyn wise and discerning as a leader, she demonstrates unusual effectiveness in a one-on-one pastoral role, able to listen well, and bring biblically-based wisdom to bear on whatever or whoever it is she is dealing with. Her commitment to the Scripture and her sensitivity to the nudging of the Holy Spirit gives her a unique capacity to serve not only at an organizational level but at a very personal level as well.

Dr. Marv Penner

Founder and Director, All About Youth Canada

Working in ministry with Jocelyn has been an incredible opportunity to learn - I watched in amazement as she completely overhauled our junior/senior high youth curriculum, resulting in fresh engagement and interest from our church teens. In fact, they're now so invested in going to class, they no longer want to volunteer in children's ministry - which is a problem I'm happy to have!

As a colleague and spiritual mentor, Jocelyn has had a profound impact on my life and career.  She truly lives her life operating in and cultivating the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and with utter reliance on the guidance and love of God. Every day with Jocelyn I am excited by her deep and steadfast faith, her seemingly endless passion and her godly wisdom - all of which she happily and effectively shares in her pursuit of God's kingdom here on earth.

Courtney Massicotte

Mrs. Freeman made huge changes to our chapel program, increasing engagement and interest, and empowering students to step into leadership roles. It created a new dynamic among many of the students that allowed us to get to know each other whereas before, our paths would never have crossed.


Student, Bears Paw Christian School

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